As the Curtain Falls on Season 2023 at Relais Ortaglia, Sandy and Phil Gear Up for Culinary and Cocktail Extravaganza!

Your tuscan Holiday

The sun may be setting on another splendid season at Relais Ortaglia, but fear not, dear friends and guests! Sandy and Phil, your dynamic hosts, are ready to keep the magic alive with a delectable twist. As the Tuscan landscape bids farewell to the warmth of summer, we're excited to announce the return of our much-loved cooking and cocktail classes.

Join the Culinary Fiesta:

Get ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other! Sandy, the maestro behind the stoves, is set to unveil the secrets of Tuscan cuisine. From the freshest locally-sourced ingredients to zero-kilometer delights, each class promises to be a gastronomic adventure. Whether you're a seasoned home cook or a novice in the kitchen, Sandy's warmth and expertise will make you feel right at home. Expect laughter, learning, and of course, indulging in the delicious fruits of your labor.

Phil's Mixology Magic:

But the excitement doesn't stop there! Phil, our resident mixologist extraordinaire, will be shaking things up with his legendary cocktail classes. Learn the art of crafting the perfect Tuscan-inspired cocktails while enjoying Phil's entertaining anecdotes and infectious passion for mixology. These classes are not just about the drinks; they're an experience, a journey into the world of flavors and craftsmanship.

How to Join the Fun:

Getting in on the action is as easy as sending us your requests! Whether you're a guest who's had a taste of our hospitality or a part of our extended Relais Ortaglia family, we welcome you to be a part of these weekly culinary and cocktail extravaganzas. Have a dish you're dying to learn? Eager to try your hand at mixing up a unique cocktail? Now's your chance!

Stay Tuned for More:

Stay tuned to our news page and social media channels for updates on the schedule, featured recipes, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the culinary and cocktail magic in the making. We're not just cooking; we're crafting experiences, one recipe at a time.

As we bid adieu to Season 2023, let's usher in a new chapter of flavor, fun, and friendship at Relais Ortaglia. The kitchen is set, the glasses polished – all that's missing is you!

Cheers to culinary adventures and spirited mixology,

Sandy, Phil, Cooper & Maverick


Your tuscan Holiday
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