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Wild Yeast Bread Workshop

Wild Yeast Bread Workshop (Sourdough)

Wild Yeast Bread Workshop (AKA) Sourdough taught by Marla Gulley and hosted by Pamela Sheldon Johns, who will also be teaching accompanying and complementary dishes.

When: Saturday 9th and 10th March 2019

Where: Poggio Etrusco, Tuscany

This 2 day workshop will focus on the entire process from start to finish of creating delicious and highly digestible “wild yeasted” or sourdough bread. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned bread baker Marla will help build your understanding and skills for working with various types of techniques for making bread.

Covered in the course:
Starting, building and maintaining a sourdough “starter”, leaven, or “mother”, whilst untangling all the various terms that are used when referring to this method of bread making to deepen your understanding.
The care and feeding of your sourdough requires a fair amount of excess dough, so we will make several types of bread products that uses up the “discard”. Too good to go to waste.
Various methods of sourdough techniques, liquid versus stiff leaven, various hydrations, long fermentation, and timing schedules. 
This is a hands in the dough class and we will work on handling, shaping and decorating the dough also and of course sampling the products.

Some of the breads we may make: 
Country Loaf, that I like to call our daily bread
Multi seeded bread
Dried fruit loaves, like apples from your orchard, or a blend of dried fruits and nuts
Italian long loaves close to its cousin the baguette
Greens and sausage filled Foccacia
Country rye, if we can fit it in
Chocolate Sourdough, I promise you will love this one. Dried cherries if we can find some, elevate this one to the next dimension!
“Discard” possibilities, English muffins, piadini, naan, scones, tortillas, pancakes, we won't make all of these, but will give you lots of ideas and recipes.

Contact Pamela Sheldon Johns, for more details:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. |  https://www.foodartisans.com


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