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Cooking, Cocktails and Recipies
Welcome to Relais Ortaglia, where every stay is a symphony of sensory delights in our 450-year-old farmhouse nestled in the heart of Tuscany. Experience a five-star "Bed" & "Breakfast" that transcends the ordinary, offering an unparalleled blend of luxury, comfort, and culinary excellence.

Five-Star Beds

Indulge in Unmatched Comfort

-Immerse yourself in the embrace of our king-size beds adorned with 1000-thread-count sheets, boasting a crisp white-on-white stripe for a touch of elegance.
-Wrap yourself in the plush luxury of our organic waffle-weave bathrobes, a testament to our commitment to your comfort.

Elevated Luxury

-Our king-size beds feature 4-inch-tall memory foam toppers, offering an unparalleled level of support and tranquility.
-Delight in the sumptuous touch of our extra-large Turkish bath towels, including daily washcloths—a rare treat in European hotels.

Thoughtful Details

-Immerse yourself in Aveda's rosemary-mint bathroom products, elevating your bathing experience to new heights.
- Discover a complementary minibar in each suite, featuring sommelier-picked wines, monogrammed straw pool bags, and oversize pool towels for a touch of sophistication.

Gourmet Breakfast

Culinary Extravaganza:

-Sandy and Phil curate a breakfast experience that is as flavorful as it is memorable.
- Savory or sweet, indulge in Sandy's creations, from avocado toast with poached eggs to homemade challah French toast.

Fresh from the Garden

-Begin your day with the freshest herbs and vegetables, personally curated by Sandy from our garden
-Phil, the maestro of coffee and tea, ensures you savor the finest Italian-roasted, American-brewed coffee with his signature cappuccino art.

Garden Gathering:

- Breakfast is an event in our garden, where guests relish fresh juice, local fruit cups, deli pecorino cheese, and honey from our on-site honeybees
- Dive into a selection of daily Crostatas, cakes, torts, and cream-filled pastries, the fragrant aroma wafting into your bedroom.

Social Morning Ritual:

- Join fellow guests in the garden, sharing plans and forging new connections as Sandy assists with daily reservations
- At Relais Ortaglia, breakfast isn't just a meal; it's a cherished activity, earning its place as the number one rated experience.

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