Ballooning at Relais Ortaglia with Firenze Mongolfiere

Soar to New Heights with Relais Ortaglia's Hot Air Ballooning Experience! We are thrilled to collaborate with our esteemed partners at Firenze Mongolfiere to offer you an unforgettable adventure. Lift off directly from our property, located less than a mile from the historic walls of Montepulciano, and take to the skies for an unparalleled Tuscan experience.

Experience Tuscany from an Unparalleled Vantage Point

Elevate your stay at Relais Ortaglia with our exclusive hot air balloon journeys, expertly curated in partnership with Firenze Mongolfiere. Ascend into the skies in a finely crafted wicker basket to drift gracefully over the verdant vineyards, captivating forests, and historic Tuscan towns.

Savor Decadent Amenities Aloft

Upon your ethereal descent, indulge in a celebratory glass of crisp Prosecco, paired with a scrumptious breakfast featuring freshly baked pastries and handpicked offerings from our local Tuscan markets. Uncompromising Safety and Five-Star Service. Firenze Mongolfiere. is esteemed for its exceptional safety and service standards.

Reserve Your Celestial Sojourn

- Private and semi-private flights are available.
- Perfect for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, and weddings.

Book in Advance for This Coveted Experience

Due to high demand and limited availability, we strongly recommend reserving your aerial adventure 6 to 12 months in advance.
To book, please make sure to visit Firenze Mongolfieres official website and select the Relais Ortaglia Val d’Orcia launch site.

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